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Frequently asked questions

Parts Origin: Are all the proposed parts Benelli  Original Parts?

All the Benelli OEM parts we propose are genuine, original Benelli parts. The same goes for the Benelli accessories. We do however propose accessories from trusted suppliers other than Benelli, but they will never have Benelli accessories in the article name or description, nor will they carry any of the Benelli logo's. We admire the technical beauty of Benelli products and deeply respect intellectual property. Consequently, we are strongly opposed to counterfeiting!


Delivery times: How long will it take for my package to arrive?

For Benelli OEM parts, we rely on the shipping time of Benelli. Normally, we receive your parts within 5 working days after your order confirmation. We ship as soon as we have received all the parts in your order. You will always receive a shipment confirmation e-mail with the tracking number of your parcel. 

Aftermarket parts that we have in stock can be shipped quickly, for items in back-order we count around 5 working days between order confirmation and shipment. Please inquire for exact info.


Insurance: Is my package insured?

Yes, we always insure our packages at no extra cost and we will replace any lost parcels at no extra cost.


Contact: What is the best way to reach you?

The best way to contact us is through e-mail. We read our e-mail each day to ensure perfect customer satisfaction! The person responsible for the customer service is Gert-Jan. His e-mail is: